Did you know we carry shoe care products?

Enter Empire. Empire believes taking care of your footwear should be simple and is as easy as following a three-step routine; Clean, Protect and Fresh(en).  

Step 1: Clean

(Unless you’ve just received your new shoes, in that case go to Step 2!)

Empire Clean is a foam that you apply to your footwear that effectively cleans any surface, faux furs, bright colour, even suede!
You just apply the foam to your shoes, leave it for a few minutes then clean it off with a brush or sponge (make sure the brush or sponge is clean!).  

Step 2: Protect

Ok so your shoes are clean. Now let’s make sure they stay like that. Empire Protect is a spray protector that creates a protective barrier on all surfaces to deflect dirt and grime. Even things like mud or red wine are no match for Empire Protect – if used properly.

Step 3: Fresh(en)

Not everyone thinks they need this step but why not err on the side of caution? Empire Fresh is a shoe deodorant specially formulated to be skin-friendly and to control shoe climate, it actually has a pleasant cooling affect. Spray the insides of your sneakers 2-3 times a week and odours be gone!

Check out Empire’s Know-How section for more info and details on almost every material imaginable. 

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