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Best Summer Shoe Trends of 2022

Best Summer Shoe Trends of 2022

It’s not too late—in fact it’s the best time (SALE SEASON) to get yourself some trendy styles to carry you through the summer. So, we’re highlighting the hip happenings of Spring/Summer 2022 footwear!

Chunky Sole Sandal

You see them everywhere; you may even have a pair or two. We can’t get enough of these and here’s a hot tip – they’re coming back next in a big way next spring so best to be well stocked.

Puffy Strap Sandals

These cloud-like straps really kicked off this summer and we look forward to it’s continued cuteness next season. 

Perforated Shoes/Sandals

No one likes sweaty feet. Skip the odour-eaters this season and treat yourself to a pair of perforated cuties. Sneakers or sandals — the more airflow the better. 

Comfy Sneaks

These aren’t going away any time soon and they’re only getting better. We love that comfort is in — and there’s no shortage of it around here!