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Capsule wardrobe shoes!

Capsule wardrobe shoes!

Finally. 2022 is here! We made it through another challenging year and continue to adapt to the ongoing changes in our lives. January is the perfect time to set intentions and make changes to things that haven’t worked for you in the past. It’s the season for making room for the things you want for yourself in the new year.

We hope you’re feeling joyful, motivated, and inspired for the start of 2022, but honey, we totally understand if you’re not. To be honest, we’ve been looking for ways to jump-start the year and get this 2022 party started for ourselves. And, not-so-surprisingly, we decided to start with our closets.

It’s all fun and games when you have a closet overflowing with goodies, but when you consistently reach for the same things over and over because it’s just too overwhelming to look further, it’s a bit of a drag. Likewise, keeping items around that don’t spark joy (thank you @mariekondo) can really lead you to feel uninspired when it comes to your wardrobe. 

Our own inspiration came from our good friend Joelle over at @lapetitenoob, who has been curating outfits on the daily even if just to get out of her sweatpants slump. This is also a great way to go through your closet and get those items ready for donating or consigning.

Building a capsule wardrobe can be a great way to pare your collections down while keeping things simple and sustainable. Classic, long-lasting pieces are best to build on, great for the environment and of course, worth the investment. The same goes for shoes. When building a collection, make sure your basic wardrobe consists of versatile styles that will make getting ready for the day a true joy. 

And trust us, we know money can be tight after the holidays, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite capsule-worthy styles including styles with the best discounts. Treat yourself to quality shoes for some pretty sweet deals.

Black booties. 

These guys certainly deserve a lot of praise. They go with everything (aside from maybe sweats) and virtually anything you pair them with will instantly look pulled together. Try a zip up ankle boot or a Chelsea, whichever is closer to your personal style, either way they’ll make any outfit complete. 

Ginger Chelsea
$139.99 $199.95

Leather Loafers. 

Slip-on loafers combine the best of both worlds: they’re ultra-comfy and immaculately polished. Choose a neutral colour for this style so you can wear them in Fall and Spring. No laces, no socks, no problems.


Ballet Flats.

It's important to find the perfect footwear that offers support and comfort at work, so you can focus on what really matters. The perfect ballet shoe is hard to find, but these ones from Miz Mooz are excellent. The half-inch heel gives enough height to not feel too flat, without sacrificing any comfort. 


Active Sneakers 

You can dress up any athleisure outfit by adding a unique pair of sneakers, like the Breilyn. Athleisure style isn’t going anywhere because it’s comfortable and practical while still being on trend. 


Cozy Slippers.

This slipper is a nylon-puffy paradise, it has lightweight indoor/outdoor soles (multi-use!) that will bring you cozy comfort no matter where you go.