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Our Top 5 to-dos for getting ready for summer. Don’t wait! Warmer months in Canada can be fleeting so soak up every minute and slip gracefully into everyone’s favourite season.

Pedicure Time!

Everyone should get one. It doesn’t have to include polish, but it most definitely can! Take a moment to pamper yourself and make sure to go somewhere with a massage chair. Or DIY it. Soak your feet in Epsom salts and follow up with a heavy foot cream from the drug store. You’ll thank yourself. 

Show off your shiny toes in Yoel!

Summer Event Prep

Make sure you’re ready! Events always creep up on you so why not pull all your fancy outfits out now and try them on to see what you still like? It’s the best time to see if you need anything new the special events of the season.  

We just can’t get enough of these (comfy) heels.

Mini Vacations

Or major ones. Whatever the case, get to planning because things fill up fast with warmer weather and you want to make sure you book your friends and your favourite locations to enjoy throughout the summer. 

Sunny color and slip-on ease mix – Marshall is a perfect summer go-to sneaker.

Get Outside

No excuses. If you can be outside, go outside. Just sit. Read. Drink coffee or a cocktail! Whatever the case, don’t miss out on all the fresh air and vitamin D you can get. 

Tide Strap is one of our faves for relaxed sunny days: from summer BBQs to beach picnics!

Summer Sandal Maintenance

Bring out last year’s styles, line ‘em up, and clean ‘em up! There’s a cleaner for everything - sandal footbed conditioners, white sole cleaners, patent polishers, and just straight-up leather cleaner. Spruce up the faves and protect the newbies with an all-weather protector to make sure you get many many wears out of them. 

Give a second life to your shoes with Empire Care Kit!